Sail the Kootenays

Sailing Packages

Set sail at 11am. Take the entire day to get a feel for sailing and then anchor for a delectable lunch in a beautiful cove. Learn to sail, refresh yourself with a swim, hike through mossy forests or simply lounge in the hammock; you create your own adventure during this 5 hour sail. We depart at 11am and return around 4pm.
Cost: $400 for 2 people.
$450 for 3 people.
$500 for 4 people.
Each additional person $50 (up to 10).
Delicious Lunch and Refreshments included (groups over 6 bring your own lunch).
Day Trippin'

Set sail at 5pm and enjoy the magic of a late afternoon sailing experience. Watch the sky transform into surreal colors as we sail to a remote tranquil cove where we will enjoy a nice bottle of wine accompanied by an assortment of fine cheeses, meats, a fresh baguette, fruits and chocolate. Truly an unforgettable experience!
Cost: $400 for 2 people.
$450 for 3 people.
$500 for 4 people.
Each additional person $50 (up to 6).
Wine and food included.
Red Sky Sail

If you only have a few hours we can take you out and give you a taste of the wind and water.
Cost: $130 per hour. Minimum 2 hours.
Overnight Adventures

To really appreciate the experience of a true sailing adventure on Kootenay Lake, take an extra day or two to really get out there. With so much to see and explore, from remote white sand beaches accessed only by boat, to sailing right up next to towering granite cliffs laced with ancient petroglyphs... Then at the end of the day, enjoy a delicious meal aboard Snooker then warm up around a cozy campfire on the beach.

**During the trip we will provide all delicious meals made fresh for you, breakfast lunch and dinner.

Snooker can comfortably accommodate up to 4 persons on these overnight adventures. We depart at 10am and return the following day around 4pm.
Cost: $400 per person min. 2 pers.
**self-catered trips are an option at a lower rate.

WHAT TO BRING [top] (depending on weather*)
- Non-marking soled shoes or sandels
- Bathing suit and towel
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses
- Sun hat
- Warm change of clothes*
- Windbreaker*
- A smile and sense of adventure

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